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Ever have a song stuck in your head... when you couldn't even understand it?

Em-see posted a link to this over on the PlanetFurry BBS.  Apparently, it really resonated with me... even though I don't even have enough command of Japanese to manage to get into a bar fight.  It's not the sort of thing I normally listen to, but there's just something about this one...  Ever since I watched the movie (and it's really a nice piece of animation - the artwork looks almost Sanrio-ish, but the motion is smooth and meshes nicely with the music, which really isn't easy to do) I've had the tune running through my head, usually at some pretty inappropriate moments.

I also took the time to look at the rest of the site - there's another movie posted there as well.  Drastically different music style - this one puts me in mind of a Japanese version of Olivia Newton John (yes, I'm old, but not that old - I just have a taste for music older than I am).  The animation is just as clean as in the other one, though there are a couple of different drawing styles.  Some of it is the same Sanrio-style drawing (complete with some sly references to the original movie), while there are at least two other styles, both of them fairly minimalist line-drawing types, but with some key differences between them.  In any case, I've bookmarked the main site, and I think I'll be checking back fairly often: I like these videos.

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That's a preety funny yet cute flash movie and I can see what you meant by that song getting stuck in your head, it kept playing my head so much that I searched for it and found the song and it's now playing on my windows media player *chuckles* If you ever want it just ask :)

Oh yes oh yes oh yes! *bouncebouncebounce* If it's a link, just go ahead and post the addy here; I know at least one other person who'd like it, too. If it's a file... well, I can pass it along, as well.

I actually have the mp3 of the song, I'll add you to ICQ tomorrow and sned it to you when I see you online :)

*Chuckle* You might want to try contacting me even if I don't appear to be there. I tend to lurk most of the time - those I talk to on a regular basis know of my habit, and drop me a message when they need to talk. And I've had one too many come-ons from the types who flirt just to lure you into their (pay-for-)porn sites.

I know what you mean, that's why I stay invisible on ICQ

Why, yes, you are. ^_^

Oh, the song ... yeah, that's okay, too. ^_~

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