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Movie night - Boy, was *that* a tactical error...

I just got done watching Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis

I'm still a bit shaky.  Lord and Lady, that's a powerful movie.  I'm going to have to watch it again - but... not tonight.  Geez, I couldn't take that.  Not so soon.  But Jon, the next time we can get together for a movie night, I think I've got the perfect selection, assuming you haven't already seen it.  Or even if you have, and are willing to sit through it again.

These characters are just bloody cartoons!  How can they grab me this way?  Is there just something different about me?  Or is it really that strong a movie?

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My friend, that's one I haven't seen ... yet, as it would appear. ^_~

I'm looking forward to it. Just message me sometime and we'll set up the visit to get watching, hrm?

You'll love it, my friend. Especially the music, I'm thinking.

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