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Answer in a comment; post in your journal. (Shamelessly yoinked from Iron Raptor)
1. How old are you?
2. Who do you live with?
3. What do you do for a living ? If you're a student what do you study?
4. Are you single?
5. Do you liketh the boys or liketh the girls... maybe goats?
6. What would you prefer - a good book, or a good movie?
7. What was your least favourite subject at school?
8. Do you remember what your first ever best friends name was?
9. What one thing at the moment would make your life a whole lot easier?

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And just to lead off, here's the answers I already posted.

1. Thirty-four. At least, if you count sequentially. Mentally, anywhere from eleven to ninety-'leven. Emotionally, who can tell? Certainly not me.

2. My cat, Cassie. Used to be Willy, too, but... well, I posted that in my LJ. It still grabs me, occasionally.

3. Manufacturing technician for Intel. I study - a ridiculously wide range of topics - but not as a student. Independant study, I guess you'd say. Meaning I dabble, and look into what interests me.

4. Single and, considering my sociability, likely to remain so. Forget wallflower - wallweed.

5. Definitely the girls. I'm balanced enough to appreciate looking at an attractive guy, but it's all academic. Physical response null.

6. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the book. It takes a certain, very special sort of movie to break that sort of opposition. For all that, I do have an extensive collection of DVDs - when I find a movie that qualifies, I'm not gonna watch it just once.

7. Social studies. I think that was because of the teachers, though - when I've looked into the subjects on my own, the material's interesting enough... but most social studies teachers on the high school level have all the captivating ability of, say, a sewage treatment facility. Now that I'm doing most of my learning on my own, I'd have to say biology is probably my least favorite subject - it just has little interest for me.

8. Yup. Nancy. Boy, was that long ago and far away. I still get along with her okay, on the (incredibly rare) occasions we come into contact - but our worlds are so far apart that that's a frequency best measured in years.

9. I don't know that there is any one thing. More money would be nice, but I don't know if the problems it would ease would outway the new ones it would generate. Personally, I think my life is already about as easy as I actually want - if I wanted it easier, I would change things to make it easier. But then, if we were willing to be honest about it, isn't that true for almost all of us?

As if you didn't already know ...

  1. "I'm thirty-seven: I'm not old" Dear Cod in Vinegar, a Monty Python quote that actually applies to my situation.
  2. Two roommates: Jonathan Sorenson (kayfox) and Jason Lee (jenna_vixen)
  3. I look for a better job for a living. No, seriously. I do. Or, if you prefer, I angst for a living. I actually work for Encompass Teleservices as an outsourced customer care representative for TMobile corporation. I wish I were a student, but that particular avenue is closed to me.
  4. After a fashion, yes and no. I have something of a girlfriend/relationship, but we've both agreed not to call it that ... besides, we haven't met yet. The divorce is final, though, so--in the strictest of legal senses--yes, I'm single.
  5. Yes and yes, depending on the boy and/or the girl. Goats ... no. Ironically enough, the person who was a part of the divorce (someone with whom Judi fell in love with) was a furry: a goat.
  6. A good book, almost all of the time. There are a few movies that I watch when I'm depressed and don't want to hold a book, or old favorites to which I always return, but a book is my preferred choice of relaxation.
  7. In high school? History. Again, ironic, if you think about my degree. In college? Math. I simply can't seem to wrap my mind around it.
  8. No. There's a lot of my past I don't remember. I think it was Eric or Jason or something--I do remember that his name had two syllables, if that helps--back in Pocatello Idaho, but that was in the murky depths of my past from when I was ... seven? I honestly don't recall.
  9. Money. Hands down, bar none, money. Failing that, a different job. Perhaps that--even at the same money--might make a difference.

Re: As if you didn't already know ...

Bah. So many grammatical errors and typos in this that it's not worth trying to fix.

B'sides, you know all this already. :D

Re: As if you didn't already know ...

*Chuckle* Most of it, anyway. There were a few new data, though.

1. 18.
2. In Gloucestershire: my mum, dad and brother. In London; one male flatmate.
3. Studying for a degree in Contemporary Dance
4. Yes.
5. The boys. But I'm not ashamed to say I've snogged girls when drunk.
6. A book. Every time.
7. Chemistry. I could never get it. Not even when I memorised formulas. My brain always tried to think that it was too easy and there must be a harder way.
8. Kirsty. But that was when I was 7. Lost touch when leaving school at 10. Never had a best friend since (which I'm not sad about).
9. Having some money. Then I could concentrate on my studies rather than worrying if I can afford to buy myself a meal.

Re: no. 7: You know, that's... an interesting way to put it. That would explain an awful lot of things...

1. 23
2. Parents, and Hoppy, my demon bunny.
3. Right now, trying to take some computer animation courses from Centennial College
4. Yes. Yay.
5. I liketh the girls, though I sometimes wonder why.
6. A good book. More intimate and allows my brain to be creative with a book.
7. Math.. burn in hell!
8. Wei Xian, back in Singapore.
9. Death.

1. How old are you? 47
2. Who do you live with? 3100+ CDs and a good-sized stash of porn
3. What do you do for a living? I'm a software engineer at Intel, recently promoted to manager.
4. Are you single? Yes. Dammit.
5. Do you liketh the boys or liketh the girls... maybe goats? Men! I'm definitely a 6 on the Kinsey scale.
6. What would you prefer - a good book, or a good movie? Movie, but it's just a slight preference.
7. What was your least favourite subject at school? Gym class. I was such a klutz.
8. Do you remember what your first ever best friends name was? Yes.
...oh? Did you want his name? David Kadel, in first and second grade. We were two peas in a pod. But then he moved away. We wrote letters for awhile but ultimately lost touch.
9. What one thing at the moment would make your life a whole lot easier? A husband.

1) Chronological age: 30. Pyschological age: 16 going on 30... :)
2) My Cat. She's half Persian and half Maine-Coon as far as I can figure... that means hair everywhere...
3) Professional UNIX Geek. Going to Grad school for a degree in writing (if I get in). Looking to write full-time eventually.
4) Yes, but I'm not sweating that fact.
5) Ladies. No other gender/species comes close... :)
6) Depends on what I'm in the mood for... Comics seem to bridge that gap though...
7) Sociology. Bar none.
8) That would be Marty.
9) My name on the New York Times Bestseller List.

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