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Stop TORMENTING me, dammit!

Sorry, that's not really aimed at anyone on this forum... I don't think. It's just that, for the last couple of months, I've been getting these e-mails from Thompson & Co. (a cigar manufacturer and distributor, for those unfamiliar with the name... which may well be a majority of folks), advertising these wonderful special offers, such as an offer of twelve premium cigars (and they are premium quality, I know this merchandise, and these are top-quality), an aluminum travel humidor, various cigar-smoking pariphinalia and accoutrements, and (for some inscrutible reason) a baseball cap, for a price that wouldn't even cover the three cheapest of these cigars at my local emporium.

So why does this torment me?

Hidden down at the bottom of the e-mail, in type I can only read because I can adjust the font size, is the following message: "Due to State Tobacco legislation, Thompson Cigar cannot ship to:


You know, recieving an offer like this, an offer I would jump at, and then noticing that I'm ineligible, is actually worse than run-of-the-mill spam. With those, I can at least look at the advertising, scratch my head, and utter a bemused, chuckling "Why?" over some of the things people will pay for - and, more to the point, that someone thinks I will pay for. This... well, this just makes me want to pay a visit to my state legislators. With a spoon. A dull spoon.

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