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Right - this has gotten utterly BEYOND rediculous. And it's changing - right now.

Uh-huh. Sure. We'll see how long THESE resolutions last, bucko-me-lad...

Anyway, time to go on record, and see how well it goes. I gots lots that needs to be done, so let's list 'em out, just for the record. Geez, I'm starting to repeat myself.

First, I've GOT to do something about my weight, and especially my body fat percentage. So, starting point, 199 lbs and 35% body fat. Urg. Seventy pounds of excess baggage. Must change that. So...

Things to do about that... daily. Lessee... eight liters of water a day. Minimum. Record how well I do, DAILY, right here. No excuses, no exceptions. Also, record food intake... again, no excuses, no exceptions. THAT should give me an accurate picture of where the problem lies.

Hm. Probably need to record my exercise attempts... such as they are. Well, until I can get my paws on a pedometer, I'll have to make estimates of that... I'm not going to have a shot at that for a couple of weeks, at least. Oh well, it'll give me a chance to do some research, get one that's worth having. Until I've got one, I'll just have to remember that they ARE estimates.

Second, I've got to clean this apartment up. I've let things go, too far. It may take me two weeks to get things up to some sort of acceptable standard. Must record how THAT goes, too, or I'll never get around to it.

Third, BREAK THIS BLOODY WRITER'S BLOCK! I've made a slight, I repeat, SLIGHT start, by getting caught up on the synopsis I write for Rava, but that still leaves a rediculous backlog on other projects... and that doesn't even count my own story. I'm now six weeks behind on that, and still stuck in the same place. Chapter 16, 70% done... and no appreciable movement in four weeks. THAT changes, too... or I'll know the reason why.

There. I think that's... No. No, that's NOT all. I need to start using this LiveJournal, too. Well, these resolutions will take care of that for the start. After I get the rest of this into a routine, I'll see about adding to it. Hopefully, I'll be able to expand it into something more.

There. THAT'S everything, I think. For now, anyway. Well, back again tomorrow night. Or else.

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