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*Deep belly laugh*
If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladyjim_lane
Head Cheerleaderghastlycomic
Prom Queenfunchords
Gang Memberrhjunior
Band Geekkinsfire
Theatre Geekbeau_wolff
Chess Club Captainrain_luong
Loner Goth Kidchrisfoxx
Class Clownmjriv
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Okay... some of these are more-or-less right, but some of them are just wrong! I mean, Jim Lane as the Lunch Lady? Nah; sorry, Babs, but he'd have the principal's office - though I don't really think you fit the image of lunch lady, either. Though come to think of it, I don't really know anyone who fits that image...

Head cheerleader... well, I can see Ghastly going for it, if just to freak out the norms. Personally, I think Babs would probably give him a run for his money, though - she's got the energy to pull it off. (And I happen to think she's cute as anything, too!) Sorry, Ghastly, you just don't do anything for me that way, man...

Shirh Khan as QB... yeah, I can see that. Certainly better than I can see me on the field. And the last five all look reasonable, as well. Ralph as a gang member, though... nah. Doesn't work. Not unless the "gang" is the Archies. Or maybe the kind of gang Arthur Fonzerelli would've put together. You know - cool, but nice about it. And Funchords as the Prom Queen... I think I'll leave that one alone. Though I suspect he'll get a laugh or two out of it.