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Lifted from Greenamber's journal
1. When did you first "friend" me?
2. Why did you first "friend" me?
3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?
4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?
5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?
6. How often do you read my journal?
7. What do we have in common?
8. Will you post this in your journal so I can answer?
9. If I were an HP character, who would I be?

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1. I "met" you through jonnorthwood about seven months ago.

2. Because I liked you immediately.

3. Your rants and rambling amuse me most.

4. What you want from life.

5. Absolutely!

6. Whenever you post, which is not very often.

7. Lust and admiration? Though perhaps that is a wee bit of wishful thinking on my part.

8. Perhaps.

9. I don't know what HP stands for - my first thought was Hewlitt Packard, but that can't be right. So if I may be so bold as to take some liberties with this question, I will say you are the quiet, studious and stoic professor type that all the young college girls want but never get.

And some counter-responses...

1. Odd... it feels as if I'd known you for longer than that. Probably because I get the feeling that we may have been friends before, and only recently re-encountered each other. A strange yet familiar occurance in my life, it seems...

2. *Chuckle* That, too, seems to be a strange and familiar occurance in my life. Those who like me do so immediately (and for reasons I have difficulty seeing), and those who don't... rarely stick around for long.

3. *Laugh* Fortunately, those are most of my posts!

4. I rarely write about my desires - when something impinges itself on my waking mind in that way, I'm much more likely to begin plotting and planning about how to achieve, obtain, or otherwise acquire it - by the time I could have actually formulized what I want enough to post it, I'm usually well on my way to having it. Or I've been sidetracked by something else...

5. I happen to agree. You've got the sort of sense of humor I enjoy - one which can and does challenge me - and you've got a strong enough sense of self to stand up to my less attractive personality traits... without, apparantly, wanting to change them enough for them to become a problem. A rare combination, in my experience.

6. *Sigh* A bad habit of mine, I'm afraid. I've tried in the past to change it, but it hasn't happened yet.

7. Admiration, definitely. Lust? Hm... As I've said before, that doesn't factor much in my life - and I've gotten out of the habit of contemplating that part of myself. Let me think about it for a while; I'll have to relocate some things which have fallen into disuse. (If you're willing to allow for the intellectual side of that, then the answer is again definitely!)

8. If you do, I'll know about it sooner or later, and I'll answer.

9. Sorry; it stands for Harry Potter - Greenamber is another fan and fanfiction writer. Probably the only professor in the series so far who came close to that description is Remus Lupin - which isn't a bad comparison; there are some interesting parallels. Somehow, though, most of the "Which Harry Potter character are you?" online quizes I've taken tend to peg me as Professor Snape... who really isn't quiet or the type that the girls really want.

1. At the beginning of the year? March time maybe?

2. You friended me, I friended back.

3. Any. Your posts are so rare, I always enjoy reading them.

4. Gravy.

5. I'd like to think so. You're pretty supportive of me and that's always a great start.

6. Everytime I come online and see a new entry by you.

7. Harry Potter.

8. Already did.

9. I'd go for a professor of some kind. Maybe a Lupin? You seem to always know what you're talking about.

1. It's likely you're more right than I am - as I mentioned with Acacia above, my memory for duration is rather suspect.

2. *Laugh* That, at least, sounds the way I remember it.

3. Yeah. I keep meaning to work on that, but it seems that the only time I actually get around to posting something is when I'm provoked into it. And I don't provoke to that degree very easily.

4. Erm, gravy? Uh, I'm not really a cook, you know - most of what I know about gravy comes from grown up eating Southern cooking. I do know this much, though: these Left-Coast Yankees don't know Southern cooking. People joke about British cooking being bland, but I've eaten it, and I've eaten here, and these people have no place criticizing anyone else's culinary tendencies...

There are exceptions. My friend Beau Wolff is an excellent cook who happens to have been born and raised around here... but I notice that he tends to look outside the areas of his youth for flavorful tidbits to create and eat. Oregon can supply a great number of the raw materials for good food... but the locals seem to be woefully undertrained in utilizing them.

5. Generally, I am a fairly supportive person - to those who a willing to do what they can. I have little to no patience for those who sit around whining about "the unfairness of it all". This is not to say that whining about things will automatically lose someone my support - that would be hypocritical of me in the extreme, since one of my favorite ways of coping with things I don't like is to rant, rave, and yes, whine about them - but the critical component is the willingness to try, whether one is vocally happy about the situation or not. You, I've noticed, will occasionally complain or otherwise rail against the way things have turned out, but I've also noticed that, even as you're uttering calumny towards the slings and arrows of fate, you're also doing your level best to cope with them... or, at the least, trying to find out what you can do, if it's something you don't yet know how to handle. This is a key hallmark of the kind of person I like to have in my life.

6. Fairly rarely, in other words. *Grin*

7. Also writing, having lived in the UK, and probably a few other things we simply haven't discovered yet. And a common heritage with the six billion or so other humans on this planet... much as I'd like to disavow them on occasion.

8. Clearly. *Grin*

9. *Laugh* That's mostly a function of having learned a few things - such as the habit of not spouting forth on matters I know nothing about. "Wisdom" is largely a matter of knowing when to speak and when to hold silent, I've found - and Mark Twain's comment on pipes is a wonderful one: "A pipe gives a wise man time to think... and a fool something to put in his mouth." It's a more difficult course to chart without that tool, but the trick can be learned.

In re: #4's sidenote? *blush*

Re: More responses...

*Chuckle* No need for blushes, m'friend. Unless, of course, you want them...

  1. Gads. It's been a donkey's age. At least three years, but I think it's been longer. It feels like I've known you forever.
  2. I don't know that the 'why' really matters, and not just because I don't remember.
  3. I enjoy all of your posts: they're simply too infrequent.
  4. That's not really my place to say: write about your hopes, your wishes, your desires ... or about how much enjoyment you found in a particular meme.
  5. We are.
  6. Every time you post.
  7. How many lines would you like me to use? Sarcasm, wit, taste in alcohol, taste in music ... taste (in general), and so forth.
  8. Doubtful; however, if you'd like me to, then I shall.
  9. Hm. I don't think I could narrow you down: you're too complex an individual for that, and it's been too long since I've read the books.

1. *Laugh* Well, it can't be any longer than three-and-a-half years - that's when I moved up here. I think it was... late September/early October of 2001 we actually started doing any real correspondence, and maybe a month after that when we finally met.

2 through 5. Not much I can really add to these, save that I agree.

6. *Laugh* I really don't understand why this question made it into the list; since it's aimed specifically at one's friends list, presumably one would check that fairly frequently...

7. It is rather a long list, isn't it? *Laugh*

8. Your choice, really. I think you could probably come up with a reasonably accurate prediction of my answers anyway.

9. I still maintain that Snape is probably the nearest approximation - and that's not particularly close. For one thing, I wouldn't do well around Tommie Boy to begin with; he'd probably have killed me long before I got around to defecting... for sheer insubordination, if nothing else.

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