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Swiped from... well, she'll recognize who I swiped it from...
A- Age of 1st kiss: I'm going by the first one I remember; I have it on reasonable authority that this was not actually my first. But I can remember kissing a certain little girl when I was as young as four - she was the daughter of my mother's best friend, born about three months after I was, and we were always being accused of being siblings because we just looked like each other. Unrelated cousins, I guess you could say. Sweet girl. I'd like to be able to see her more often than I do - she's still a pretty good friend, even if we can never manage to be in the same state at the same time any more.
B- Band you are listening to right now: Amici Forever. They released their second album recently and whoo! - it's at least as good as their first. Opera goes pop...
C- 1st Crush: You remember the little girl I mentioned in 'A' up there...?
D- Dad's name: Charles Robert, but won't answer to anything other than 'Bob' unless it seems to be an emergency. Can't really blame him.
E- Easiest person to talk to: Beau Wolff.
F- Favorite ice cream: Guh. It really depends on my mood, and I can never really stand much of it anyway. Most consistantly though would be either strawberry or cherry, preferably with the fruit actually mixed in.
G- Gummy worms or gummy bear?: Doesn't really matter, though the bears are available from the cafeteria at work. Not a big thing for me.
H- Hometown: By birth, Dallas TX. Emotionally, I don't really have one.
I- Instruments: So many choices... Trumpet, piano, guitar, bagpipes... The bagpipes are my favorite, really, but since I live in an apartment, that could get me kicked out. ("A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes... and doesn't.") Guitar is about the only one I can get away with here.
J- Junior high: International School in Aberdeen (ISA). For a while, I thought it would be Stavanger American School, but Dad got transfered over that summer.
K- Kids: Um... they exist? I did discover recently, though, that the kids in my family are really the only ones I can hold a long, unstructured conversation with - sort of depressing to realize that your best family relationships are with the preteens.
L- Longest car ride ever: I drove to and from Anthrocon in Philidelphia one year - nearly a three thousand mile trip, one way. Man, Wyoming is big and flat! And fast to drive through - got pulled over by a bored cop who told me I may as well open it all the way up, since I was just passing through; no cop was going to pull me over unless it looked like I was out of control. And then he led the way at about twenty over what my poor little car could manage...
M- Mom's name: Karen.
N- Nicknames: None I care to recall.
O- One wish: To live happily ever after. (I can't really improve on this one.)
P- Phobia[s]: None that I'm aware of. I come up empty on all the usual suspects. I don't like falling, but I don't really think that counts since it's the sensation that upsets me.
Q- Quote: "As flies to angry boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport." - Wm. Shakespeare
R- Reason(s) to smile: Friends
S- Song you sang last: "Texas Land", I can't remember who sang it.
T- Time you woke up today: 10 am - a lazy day.
U- Unknown fact about me: I get an occasional guilty desire to listen to country music, even though most of the time I can't stand it.
V- Virgin: It's a concept of strictly artificial importance.
W- Worst habit: Several; which one is worst depends on your value system. Me, if I thought one of them was "worst", I wouldn't do it.
X- How many X-rays you've had: Three sessions that I can recall, but I don't know how many were taken in each session.
Y- Your least favorite person as of right now: I really don't know. I generally uninvite such people from my life in short order.
Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius

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Actually I have no idea were he got this but I’ll play Galadrion

Actually I have no idea were he got this but I’ll play Galadrion A- Age of 1st kiss: I'm going by the first one I remember; Ok so will I, I was 8 and his name was Eddie Bender. The bad boy in my 3rd grade class (damn what is it about me and outsiders?). I blooded his nose right after cus he didn’t ask first and got sent home from school for 3 days. B- Band you are listening to right now: Joni Mitchell’s Clouds. My all time favorite album of hers, becauses of “Roses Blue”. It was the record my Dad put on when I came from the hospital 2 days after my birth. C- 1st Crush: Jeez that’s an embrassing one. I have two My Uncle Jon (not blood kin) who used to bring me treats when I was in Junior High. And Kimberly Hawkins, an 8th grader who kept me from being picked on in gym. D- Dad's name: Clayton Henry: Goes by Clay. Tho I usually call him Pop. E- Easiest person to talk to: I have a couple thank the Gods. Though when he answers his phone/email/chatwindows I’d have to say Galadrion. F- Favorite ice cream: Worked in a 31 flavors for about 6 weeks once. Pretty much ruined it for me. Thogh I dearly love chocolate and coffee shakes as well as stawberry smoothies. G- Gummy worms or gummy bear?: Bears. Especially when I am editting my writing. H- Hometown: By birth, San Jose, CA. By memory, Sonora. Ca. I- Instruments: Can’t play a thing. Thought I have perfect pitch and I can sing. Mostly Celtic stuff and Childe ballads. Own a mountain dulcimer and a hand drum. J- Junior high: AMS. Was awful. I hated it. Was the 80’s in Texas so sue me. K- Kids: Love em don’t wanna spawn any anytime so. Why? Be a teacher’s aid an see how may messed up ones there are. Get a cat instead. L- Longest car ride ever: I got 2. From Sonora, Ca to Carney’s Point, NJ and then from Philly to Prosser Wa. Both in the back of a converted 1967 VW Bus. It was air cooled and toped out at like 48. M- Mom's name: Mary Louise. N- Nicknames: I refuse to answer that tho I could give you some other peoples.. O- One wish: To live happily ever after. I can agree with that. But I’d take no debt too. P- Phobia[s]: Yikes. Hate crowds. Driving. Stupid people. Might be a relationship there. Those might be pet peeves. Q- Quote: Don’t have one. Too many books. R- Reason(s) to smile: The realization that I am almost ready to list my house. S- Song you sang last: ”Praise to the Moon” Pentangle T- Time you woke up today: 3:35 am - cats. U- Unknown fact about me: I only eat mayo on cooked artichokes. V- Virgin: A state which by several tradtions is renewable. W- Worst habit: I am lazy. X- How many X-rays you've had: 2 sesions about 6 films each. Y- Your least favorite person as of right now: Don’t have a particular one Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer

Re: Actually I have no idea were he got this but I’ll play Galadrion

*Chuckle* Looks like LJ is having problems formatting this particular meme. I had to re-edit it three times, eventually brute-forcing the line breaks to get it to work - and even then, it didn't space it the way I wanted. But by then I was irritated enough to let it stand.

Oh, and half the reason for doing these things is to have something to help fill up the journal, milady. Though given the struggle I had with it, you might want to use some other meme on your own page...


This is the pre-Portland Amy that I remember. What turned her into what she is now? Perhaps it's just that she's very ashamed of herself. Whatever . . .

Hm. Attributions of shame from an unsigned source... Somehow, I doubt that she's the one harboring shame - or deserving of it.

Re: Kestralcat?

You, my OH DEAR friend, are an ASS.
Truly, you are a piece of self-righteous, ignorant work.
What a mess you've made.

And yet again you're hiding behind a mask of anonymity, staging attacks here in my journal. Such self-righteous courage you display - and such manners.

Perhaps you'd care to sign your sniping and innuendos? Or is that somehow beneath your moral code? No matter; by these tactics you reveal yourself as quite a piece of work yourself.

Re: Kestralcat?

Not again, this is my first post.

Oh Dear, did I hit a nerve?
Thank you and you are most welcome.
You hide, manipulate, warp and recreate reality.
How is it on your planet where you have retreated and taken Kestrelcat with you?
What a match!

Re: Kestralcat?

By the way, you are hardly in a position to question my morals....Have you yet stepped up - become a man - an legitimized your offspring?

What moral code are your operating by Galadrion? D & D?

And yet you haven't the moral courage to stand behind your accusations. When do you plan to "man" up?

Re: Kestralcat?

Would you recognize it if you saw it?

And still no admission of who you are. Again, no matter: this, too, can be dealt with... not that it's really a secret.

As for your allegations, would you care to specify? Your language is really rather nebulous, you know. So far, it amounts to a great deal of insubstantial emotionalism, much sound and fury signifying nothing.

Re: Kestralcat?

Why bother? Really, what would be the point in changing your carefully constructed opinion of yourself? Not worth my time!

Not allegations - why do you exaggerate everything?

Very entertaining, however....perhaps fodder for your next bestselling 'novel'?

Nebulous is an accurate word for you, my friend.

Regardless, simply joined the dialog in support of the first comment....it was a fair observation of a rather bizarre and cowardly turn of events.

Allegations. To quote: "You hide, manipulate, warp and recreate reality." Let's have some specifics, unless you have none.

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