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I've decided I'm going to do it
I'm going to participate in National Novel Writer's Month again. I skipped last year, owing to overwhelming prior commitments, but the heck with it! This year, I'm going for it! I'll be signing up as soon as I can get access to the sign-up page - should be tomorrow some time, according to the latest news. Oh, Heavens to Murgatroyd. I'm jumping back into this? I gotta be crazy... Anybody got a spare plot bunny going cheap?

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I need to buy some headphones (or an iPod ... or a trailer ... or something) if I'm going to even attempt it. As it is, unless my neighbors move out, I think I'll call this year a lost cause.

The assmonkeys have been listening to the same endless loop thumping bass track now since 8:15 this morning. I kid you not. It's drowning out my own stereo and it's audible over the audio on my computer when I have it cranked. All I can concentrate on is the bass line, and that's really not condusive to writing.

I've got two plot bunnies running through my head. The one I'm pretty much going with is a HP/BtVS crossover. (Never saw an episode of BtVS other than that musical one.)

Another one I've been playing with involves a number of cliches I wanted to tweak. Female Harry who is a twin. Everyone thinks the brother is TBWL. Of course she actually is TGWL. Rather than the usual James & Lily being evil, they simply put most of their effort into worrying about their son, since he's now a MAJOR target. I've even got notes on that one - several chapters in. Even wrote a Prologue.

Know it likely doesn't help, but that's my suggestion.

And when do we see more of Waterborne Blade? *grin*

I mean that.... Your a good writer so pick a damn bunny and get on it!

Like I said I'll Beta and I'll bind it...


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