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Okay, first report. Weight:197.6 lbs, body fat 31.1%. In no way, shape or form do I believe I burned nine pounds of fat in 24 hours, while replacing it with seven and a half pounds of... other tissues; this is just normal fluctuations - plus, I suspect I've been keeping myself in a stablized state of partial dehydration. This is the rebound effect; as I get myself into something closer to decent shape, the picture will firm up and become closer to what's really there. But it's a step in the right direction, anyway.

Food: well, I had three bean-and-cheese burritos for lunch. That's been about it. Dunno why; just haven't been hungry - and I know better than to force myself to eat when I'm not hungry; that leaves me ill and just asking for some sort of systematic reaction. Though I need to space it out a bit better, and add some variety. Smaller meals - maybe a few bites of something-or-other throughout the day - maybe a couple of pieces of fruit. I'll work on it.

Water: doing much better there. Seven liters, so far, plus I'm not sure how many of those little four-ounce cups of water I get at the cooler when I'm inside. Plus I'm working on another liter-and-a-half bottle... should finish it before bedtime, and maybe a bit more. Though I'm not sure what this is going to do to my sleep tonight... I'll probably be up and down all night, taking care of business. Should help the overall picture, though.

Exercise: . "The best laid plans of mice and men..." The day I'm planning on kicking off another set of life-changing decisions, and my schedule fails to cooperate. Spent the day on a pair of relatively stagnant toolsets, and in a couple of required, but news-devoid meetings. Pfeh. "You MUST come listen to us yammer on for ninety minutes about things you already know and do - it's required!" Still, I would guess I probably put in fifteen miles. It's progress, if not as much as I would have prefered. Tomorrow and Wednesday should be a lot better on that front. Sadly, Tuesday is more of today, though without the meetings (so far).

Cleaning the apartment: the task progresses, albeit slowly. I put in an hour on that tonight, and I've established a "clear zone". The trash generated goes out in the morning as I leave - it has to, as I've blocked the door with it so I won't forget. How much more I have to do... well, in terms of clearing out, probably another three sessions like this one. Longer term... I'll need to decide what gets put where, put it there, and convince myself that the organization will help so it'll STAY there. Call it another ten days' work, probably. Though that's a tentative estimate; could shift either way by 50% easily enough.

Breaking the writer's block. Well, two sizable posts that I'm not ashamed for the world to read in two days - the crack is there; now to keep working at it, widening it and letting backed-up pressure aid in tearing down the dam. Plus, I've actually got the urge, and a spare hour before I crash. I think I'll take another crack at things while I wait for my hair to finish drying - no need to go in to work tomorrow with "bed head". Who knows? I may make some progress. For those of you who are interested in my writings, I've made a decision: from now until I get caught back up, I post my chapters and send 'em to Mike AS I GET THEM FINISHED, rather than posting on the alternate Friday timeline I was on. If I can get on a roll, maybe it'll let me power on through any future roadblocks. After I'm caught up... I'll take a look and decide then.

Well, 'nuff said. That's covered everything I need to say for now. I'll save the ranting and raving for a time when I have something that bothers me that much.

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