February 1st, 2004

I seem to remember taking this one before, but...

Schizoid:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

*Nods* Fair enough - I'd call it reasonably accurate. The only one I have any quibble with is that "Moderate" rating in "Histrionic"... though, thinking about it a second time, I do have to admit that I started writing again for reasons that fit under that definition.

*Shrug* So I'm crazy. Tell me something I didn't already know - something I didn't already know eighteen bleedin' years ago, by-the-bye. Thank the Great Greasy Golden Gonads of Ghael that I went through high-school psychology and that quack wanna-be Freud's class better than a decade and a half before Columbine. I'd have been shrink-bait for sure, and one narrow shave from expulsion, no matter what I got on my SATs. As it is, I got a reasonable understanding of how those Disciples of Fr(e/a)ud operate and think, and a healthy interest in keeping my psyche a long way out of their limp, clammy clutches and firmly in my own (possibly warped but) confident and capable grasp. I like to think that 16 years of successful handling of my own adult life indicates a pretty good endorsement of my methods - or of my madness, if madness be thy name... Certainly, I feel better about my current record than I would if it more closely resembled that of the Ritalin Kids or all those "Prince Valium"s out there.
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