August 3rd, 2007


Well, today kestrelcat and I did what we've been planning on doing sometime this summer - we just weren't certain when we were going to go through with it.

We went into town today, to Bike 'N' Hike, and bought new bicycles. Nice ones, too - disc brakes, rapid-fire shifters, cargo racks on the backs... but most of all, the SHINY!

Seriously, any of my friends in the Portland area, I can make this recommendation to you with no problems - the Beaverton area Bike 'N' Hike is probably the best place in this area I could send you if you're interested in getting a bicycle. Friendly, knowledgeable sales folks, who aren't pushy but also aren't afraid to speak up and let you know if they think they see you about to make a mistake. (I probably would have walked out with a bike with too short a frame, but the guy said, "Hey, wait a minute - I'd like to see you on this one before I'd be happy about selling it to you." Turns out the frame was two inches too short for me - easy enough to ride out of the store on, but it'd raise merry hell with my knees over the long run.) They also didn't have the bikes we wanted in the sizes we needed in the store... so they had them brought over from one of the other Portland area stores, free of charge. Didn't charge us for installing the cargo racks, either, and it involved actual parts modification, carried out in-store while we waited.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting use out of the new shiny. This is our major mode of transportation, and having bikes that have a full range of gears, that don't jump teeth, that brake safely in all weathers... this is going to make our lives much easier and more pleasant.
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