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The weather

  Galadrion here, reporting from work.

I just got here, walking in as opposed to biking, and boy am I glad I opted that way. Not only is it rather chilly out there (below freezing), but the humidity is rediculously high for the temperature... which adds up to one thing: icy patches everywhere. Slid several times on the way, but I was taking it easy so I never actually fell. (Kestrel, be careful out there today - and at all costs avoid those stairs at Streets of Tannasborne: they're gonna be deathtraps today!) Here's how bad it was: I saw two seperate accidents on a two-mile walk, at five freakin' AM! On a road which is nearly deserted at that hour, yet.

Right, enough of that.

Do you people who drive realize just how much you miss that way? Okay, so it was cold, and I was out in it for... well, forty-five minutes this morning; it's usually a half-hour walk, but as I said I was taking it slow. But the cold isn't really too bad out there, and with a little planning, you can dress for it pretty easily. But as I was walking in, it started snowing - little tiny flakes just drifting down, pretty and gentle. I'm willing to bet that the people whipping past me (at way too high a speed for these conditions, incidentally - as two people illustrated quite pointedly) either didn't see it at all, or only saw it as yet another annoyance. It seems a shame, really. There's so much out there that you really ought to take the time to look at, but nearly no one does any more.

Case in point: as I was crossing Rock Creek, I heard an owl hoot - very clearly. Too clearly: normally, they're fairly far back into the trees, but this one wasn't. I stopped and took a look in that direction, and there was this simply huge owl sitting on a tree limb not more than twenty feet from me, just watching. He (?) met my eyes, blinked a couple of times, and then stretched out his wings and took off, circling behind me and winging off across the road into the trees. Beautiful. And nothing I'd have ever seen in a car.

No real point to this, but it was a nice experience. Get out there, folks. There's a whole world to see, and it won't wait for you...

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