David Adrian (galadrion) wrote,
David Adrian

Another side...

Okay, I just got done reading Lyndsey Parker's take on the Kaitlyn Maher phenomenon (see here: new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/realityrocks/98433/kaitlyn-maher-the-kids-not-all-right). And I have to say: I agree with her. Kaitlyn's parents need to be slapped with a wet halibut until they WAKE UP. They're setting their daughter up for one of two paths - either she's going to learn the hard way about losing in the big, high-stakes world of the grown-ups, or (and possibly worse) she'll win - and land in a million-dollar-a-year contract to perform, for an hour and a half a night, every night, in Vegas. The girl's a four-year-old, people. Who in their right mind could consider this a good thing? (Come to think of it, what venue in Vegas is going to be willing to host such a blatently child-exploitative act? If I was on the controlling committee of such a business, I'd certainly be telling anyone who brought me this idea that, one, they were nuts, and two, if they ever brought me something of that nature again they would be fired in the most public and messy way possible, with all the reasons published. To me, this is not much removed from, and is morally/ethically identical to, child prostitution.)

But getting away from that, I feel the need to comment on another side of the video linked in that blog entry. While Kaitlyn is not yet ready for this sort of prime-time exposure, there was another person there who clearly is ready, and is a class act (in terms of manners, at least - I haven't seen his act) on top of that. When Flambeaux was called forward with Kaitlyn, he already knew his fate - you could read it in his expression. He knew he hadn't made the cut, which was why he'd been paired opposite the cute little girl that no one would dare vote against... and yet he gave almost no indication of that realization, he went up in front of the crowd with her, and he smiled doing it. He knew he had lost, and he still went out graciously and did his job with class and style. And when the verdict was announced against him, he gave Kaitlyn an honest smile and a hug, and he said something to her - I couldn't tell what, because his mouth was concealed by her head - that helped boost her flagging confidence and made her smile a little less of an effort. And let me say this loud and clear: To lose to someone else, and then have the character to honestly and genuinely congratulate them and give them a bit of support to go on beyond you, is a rare bit of character these days. Flambeaux demonstrated that, and I sincerely hope that any and all professional talent scouts who may have been watching have taken note - I know nothing about his talent, but talent can be learned. That sort of personality and attitude is a much rarer thing, and much more valuable in any sort of cooperative undertaking. Regardless of what I was doing, that is the sort of person I'd want by my side, watching my back and helping do the job. The man's a class act, and deserves respect and success wherever he chooses to take that act.


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