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Okay, slow day at the headlines desk...
"Officials recover black boxes from charred Denver jet"

Ain't it cute when they try to be cute?

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Yeah, it ain't. Especially when the boxes haven't been black for ages, but rather a bright orange that's normally easier to spot. I suspect that both the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) and CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) should have some interesting data.

Sorry to comment here, rather than somewhere more appropriate. ^_^;

Just finished reading your stories that you've published on the 'net and wanted first to thank you for sharing them with us. I found you through the Raccoon's Bookshelf. Second I was curious to see if you had any luck continuing the story, or did your muse escape?

Thanks again for sharing your talent with us, and may you be happy in whatever you happen to be doing right now.

The Muse is currently still out, though a few other things have been percolating around. Nothing particularly solid yet, though. In other news, however, I have a definite reason for putting my writing on hold - a new son, who is understandably taking up quite a bit of time.

Quite understandable. Family comes first, and children have the habit of noticing when the attention they want isn't on them. ^_~

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