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A rare example...

Okay, I have to say this: Donte Stallworth has managed to impress me.

Not with the DUI that led to this whole mess - never that. But in the actions he's taken since that horribly immature, tragic and idiotic decision... as his attorney said, he's acted as a man, as opposed to the spoiled little entitlement-whore boy that all too many of today's celebrities are. He stopped at the scene, he called 911 - despite the fact that he had to know what it would mean for him - he cooperated fully with the authorities when they tested him for intoxication. Despite the poor decision which led to this situation, he behaved with dignity and maturity ever since, and he's said that he's going to abide by all the provisions of the court decision.

In the society of today's celebrity culture, this is a nearly aberrant display of adulthood and responsibility. I would be much happier with Mr. Stallworth being held up as an example to emulate for today's youth than, well, fill in the blank with most of the celebrated icons out there right now...

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