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A day in the life...

Okay, it's Friday... which means that Kestrelcat is at work and I'm watching JT for the day. It's been a good day so far, with a trip down to Rainy Day so the boys could acknowledge the dominion of their Baby Overlord - their phrasing, not mine - and then back home.

About ten minutes ago, he started fussing, but apparently didn't want his bottle - refused it pretty clearly. So, I sat him up on his rug in the middle of the floor and gave him a couple of his toys. No joy, or not much. He'd play for a couple of seconds, and then put whatever it was aside and start muttering - not crying, but clearly discontent. Bored, was the impression I got.

So I popped up my music program on the computer (best sound system in the place) and brought up Bond, intending it as a placeholder while I searched out something more to his taste.

I don't think there's likely to be anything more to his taste. He's sitting there, rocking out hard (literally; he's nearly headbanging the rug) and shaking the maraca/rattle Kestrelcat found for him, in pretty fair approximation of on-beat. (Let me be fair here: as energetic as Victory is, I'm not sure I could keep time with a single maraca! He's doing well for seven months.)

I think I'll stack up some TTF to follow this album. By then, KC should be home... and probably ready for sleep, given the way the weather has messed with her this week.

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