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Well, the Fertility Holiday has spawned a whole new crop of vegetables...

Today, kestrelcat had an appointment downtown and found traffic, even public transit, disrupted by

Okay, I've mostly kept silent about this sort of thing before now, but this has just managed to irritate me beyond belief. Let's take a look at some of these demands, shall we?

A six hour workday with no cut in pay. Sounds good to me; I'll take that, thank you. My workday is currently twelve hours. Let me know where you're planning on coming up with the other six hundred skilled employees it'll take my employer alone to make up the expanded workforce... and where the money is supposed to come from to pay the quadrupled labor budget you've just proposed. Oh, it's supposed to come out of the company's money? Congratulations, you've just killed off my employer's ability to do business, make money... oh, yes, and to pay me! Along with about ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of the other companies out there. Good-bye, economy. It was nice knowing you. Sorry my fellow idiots decided to kill you off; I rather liked having you around.

Jobs with Justice.  Sounds nice. Unless you're talking about a massive hiring increase in the court system, though, it doesn't appear to mean much.

Free contraception and child care. Well, since you're demanding not to have to pay for them, who are you proposing will? The government? Bad news, bucko: the government doesn't pay for anything. Never has, never will. Wanna know why? Here's the secret: it can't. The government has no ability to create value; it can only take value from one place and move it to another. This is called tax and spend, and, outside of interfering in the lives of the citizenry, is the only basic function of the government. So who are you proposing that the government take money from in order to spend it on the consequences of your swinging... lifestyles?

Halt all foreclosures and evictions. Okay, done. Now all the banks are out of business - you just confiscated a huge chunk of the assets they had invested for their customers. Oh, and that also means you've taken that money from those investors, too - you know, people like me. And other people who save, rather than spend on credit. You know. People like... your mom and dad. Or maybe your grandparents. Who are now broke and won't be able to lend you anything when your own bills come overdue... again. Oh, and by the way: all those banks that you put out of business? Where do you think the money comes from to back your credit cards? Guess you won't be doing any spending that way any more.

End the surveillance and repression of minorities, activists, and organizers. Huh. You know, I don't honestly believe that there is any surveillance or repression of these people as minorities, activists or organizers in this country. Now, I'll grant you that a lot of people who self-identify as such probably are tracked... but that's because a lot of those who so self-identify are habitual and/or career troublemakers and/or law-breakers. But are they tracked because of being in those groups? No. They're tracked because of what they do. And as for repression... Look, I've lived in countries where there was repression - real repression. I lived in Apartheid-era South Africa. I've seen what real repression looks like. You twits are toddlers crying because you've been told you can't have a treat because you misbehaved - something else I'm familiar with through experience. Most of you don't even have the dignity of the toddler.

No cuts to public services. Okay, I can agree with this one - even with increasing some of them. Like police services, for instance. Ooh, you didn't like that idea, did you? Careful what you ask for, bucky... you may get it. But just remember, you've been getting a lot of these public services on credit for years now; the bills are coming due. Get ready to pay for them.

Full citizenship rights for all. No. Sorry, but there is no such thing as a right without a concomitant responsibility, and the responsibility which corresponds to citizenship rights is the responsibility to be a citizen. You want the rights, then step up and become someone who deserves them. If you don't want to pay that price, then you don't get those rights. It's that simple.

End collaboration between Police and ICE. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that, by ICE, you mean Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You see that final word in there, Enforcement? Well, that means that there is no "collaboration" - ICE is part of the police services.

These people are so wrong-headed that it's amazing. How do they function in the real world? (Oh, yeah, they mostly don't. And when they do, it's badly.)

That poster they put together? Rudyard Kipling put its message together - much better, incidentally - one hundred eighteen years ago. It's called The Road-song of the Bandar-log. There's only one problem with it from the Occupiers' viewpoint - it's well-known as a piece of satire. They actually mean it... worse luck for the rest of us.

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