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Everyone needs to watch this, now and as often as possible!

Madison Rising. These people should rise - to the top of the charts, and to unbelievable success. In an industry that seems to specialize in not cool, these guys are very cool. Rock on, dudes, rock on.

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They're quite terrible, actually.

Ah. I wondered when (or if) you'd ever get around to me.

As usual, you're missing the point - mainly because it's opposed to anything you want to acknowledge. Musically, they're not the best, true - although that's hardly a handicap: very, very few commercially successful musicians could get into a decent school or orchestra honestly.

These boys, however, are standing up for something they believe in, something outside of themselves. It's not an unheard-of act in the business, but it's certainly not common - and it is a mark of character, in this case, an admirable thing, for those with the discernment to be able to admire it.

Oh, and before I forget: "not the best", I said. True enough. These lads wouldn't make Julliard or the Cincinnati Pops - but I have enough musical background to be able to authoritatively say this: they do have more musical talent and skill than a large number of professional acts I've seen. On what basis are you judging?

And they're doing such a shitty job at it that their message is muddled. It's the musical equivalent of Ayn Rand, except shorter.

What professional acts have you seen?

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