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A quick question...
About how often do you have to deal with spam in your LiveJournal?

I keep getting spammers posting (almost always ads) on posts dating back years. The one I posted observing Syd Barret's death, in particular, seems to attract the vermin. It always kinda puzzles me why they bother - I always delete them as soon as I notice, and they very rarely last more than about fifteen minutes.

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Whenever I allow anonymous posting I get tons of spam. I get sick and tired of deleting it, and go back to not allowing anonymous posting, which I'm not happy about, as sometimes anonymous posters are kind and informative. Anyway, I've noticed the same thing you have, that the spammers post their dreck on really old posts of mine, and that for some reason they like to do it on posts having to do with death and tragedy. Wonder why?

The spammers doesn't care if anyone reads their posts or not. All they're interested in is to have search engine robots index the link,
They post in older posts in the hope that the owner either won't notice, or won't care.

That explains a lot. Except why do they post in the same older posts over and over again?

Because they run scripts. They never actually visit the blogs.
Also, the scripts uses search engines to find likely pages to post on, because pages that show up first on a search for them is probably weighted 'more relevant' and getting a link on them will be 'worth more' for the pagerank of the site they want to spamvertise.

Which is why sites such as LJ and most forums REALLY should have code that automatically adds a 'NoFollow' META-tag to all links.
(Most search engines ignores links with that tag, or at least they don't count it towards thepagerank)

So not allowing anonymous posts is the best way to go to avoid the spam.

Didn't know there were such tags. LJ really ought to add them.

It's certainly a beginning.

Also, reporting SPAM as you find and delete it.
And for older posts, consider locking them, or at least switch on moderation of new responses.

As far as older posts go, I've got far to many to lock them all. If by "moderation of new responses" you mean change who can respond to them, same problem. So switching to "no anonymous posting" is my best bet.

Switching to 'Registered' is a beginning.
Do you have notifications switched on for comments to your posts?

If there's any particular post that gets hit ore often than others, you really should consider locking it or moderatingit.

I just wish we could set up IP-address blocks on this site.
A couple of blocks covering Cina and Ukraine would help quite a bit...

As long as I don't allow anonymous posting, I don't need it. The only problem is that this excludes legitimate anonymous posting. {sigh}

IP-address blocks on such countries as Ukraine would be nice.

Heh. Just spam-eliminated another one... on this entry. So ironic, it's an instant cure for pernicious anemia...

(Edit: now it's twelve. Is this the new hot target?)

Edited at 2012-11-14 01:49 am (UTC)

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