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One new fandom, one old one - ALL these folks are great!

Mosinging, I'm particularly interested in your opinion...

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Hahaha! Fun times! I love the Oak Ridge Boys and this song!

I figured you for an Oak Ridge Boys fan. Home Free is also well worth checking out; they're primarily country these days, but they started out as a more general-genre acapella group and they still occasionally go back to other genres. In recent days, for example, they've covered both I Won't Give Up (from Zootopia) and All About That Bass (Meghan Traynor's breakout song), and they do pretty well with both of them. You'll also probably love their Christmas music.

Oh, and if you check out their video for Ring of Fire, the guest singer they've got on there is Avi Kaplan, the bass from Pentatonix. They're another group to check out if you like talented singers.

I saw a couple of things from Home Free. They are great! It's so nice to know there are still groups with actual talent!

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