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Ooh, tasty!
And, continuing with the food theme, we have tonight!

Kestrel (my wife) has been on a food preservation kick recently - she gets like this when the seasons start to change. Late spring and summer are times for pickles and other hand-type snacks, and she tried out several new recipes which "came of age" tonight.

First up, a spicy carrot pickle. You see this a lot in Mexican restaurants... at least, if you go to places more sit-down than Taco Bell. Basically, you pickle carrots (usually sliced rounds, but we used peeled baby carrots) and peppers (normally jalapenos sliced lengthwise; we used those, yellow bell pepper strips to add a bit of sweetness, and a habanero - no points for guess what that adds!) along with some spices in vinegar - let it age in the refrigerator for two weeks or a month, and it's ready to go. The verdict: quite nice, with about one to one-and-a-half more stars of heat than what you normally get in a restaurant. A month was enough to soften the outer layer of the carrots, but they still had a nice, crisp crunch to the tooth.

Next, a sweet onion pickle. Basically, slivered white onions with various spices in a syrup. Again, it came out very tasty, with a bit a crispiness. I think it needs perhaps another two to three weeks in the refrigerator, though - it tastes like it could use a little maturing. Still good, but it'll improve as it goes along.

And finally, cowboy candy. Another syrup-type pickle, this time using jalapeno rings and a number of spices - cumin, cayenne, garlic, and cilantro... basically, the spices for chili-making. The stuff you get in the stores isn't bad, but let me tell you this, starting from fresh makes a difference. I'm somewhat of a chili-head - or as they consider it locally, a lunatic. To me, the cowboy candy carried by places like Trader Joe's is good as a topping for toast or the like. Well, this stuff, after a single jalapeno slice, made the inside of my ears itch and my scalp break out in a sweat! I'll tell you this for free, this is going to counter any sinus issues...

All in all, three fairly successful experiments. Yum!

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Ya know I never noticed I pickle and preserve more when the weather turns. I just cook what's in season and that's went the veggies started to get reasonable. When Harvest Share opens then the veggies will really flow.

I am pleased with all the pickling experiments.

I do think I need new jars soon (glass) and maybe an mandolin.

There's a birthday idea.

I harvested and pickled a few regular yellow onions last year.
(Sliced thinly, then the 1,2,3 picle mix of 1 part sugar, 2 parts vinegar, 3 parts water, boil)
Really, really tasty on top of roast beef sandwiches...

Just wish I had more than 6 small jas of the stuff.

This year I intend to grow a few more onions, and probably some cucumbers, also.
I'm even debating about reassembling my windowfarm for salad and stuff.

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