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(no subject)
"the joker, worker, stabilizer"
You are gifted when it comes to protecting yourself
from judgements cast upon you by others. In
fact, you are not easily thrown by external
reality. You have the capacity to work and
play hard and to laugh at yourself. This is
the card of humour and sexuality (it is the
only card with genital symbols).
"Devil" spelled backwards is
"lived", and it is very fitting. You
live with humour and have a stable foothold on
life. Of course, you do love setting the
occasional bit of mischief into play.

which major arcana of the thoth tarot deck are you? short, with pictures and detailed results
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Interesting. I tend to think of myself more as "The Fool" - that is, when I consider myself in the Major Arcana at all. The card I most identify with, however, is the Page of Cups.

Oh, and thanks to Cateagle for finding this particular quiz.

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Ok cool.
But When is the new cahper comming?
Ore is it becuse of that thath you are a devil? ;)


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