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Well, here goes...

I've done it, even after I said I didn't plan to... I've signed up for National Novel Writer's Month. (Yes, Beau, I know I said I wasn't going to do it, I had too much on my plate... but something bit me.) A few of my friends are already signed up, so I decided to go for it as well.

I doubt I'll get much done on my current work-in-progress while I'm doing this, though. Fifty thousand words in one month is a heckuva goal, but I think I can do it. I've already got the idea - something new for me, a Harry Potter fanfiction. In fact, the idea I've got in mind will probably far exceed that minimum... most likely, I'll have plenty of material for a pair of stories. That's pretty much what I've got in mind anyway: two stories, covering the Trio's sixth and seventh years. If I like what I wind up with, I'll probably polish it up and try to get it posted on Schnoogle.com. Even if they don't take it, I'll definitely post it on my own site, if only to show off what I can do when I decide to.

Kinsfire, Beau... thanks for bringing this to my attention. This may be just the thing to get me past this block I've been struggling with for far too long and get me back in the habit.

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