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Two-week update
Well, I'm going to post a quick update on what I've accomplished so far, and then do a bit of analysis - yes, this probably counts as procrastination on one level or another, but it also serves a useful purpose. I'll elaborate afterwards. Okay, here goes:

Days elapsed so far: 15 of 30 - we're at the half-way point.
NaNoWriMo Goal: 50,000 words.
Current total: ca. 36,000 words.
Average productivity: 2,400 words/day.
Time to reach 50K words at this pace: 21 days.

Actually, I think I can probably beat that time. But see the following.

Number of chapters plotted: 22.
Current average words per chapter: ca. 8,000, with considerable variation.
Estimated final length of story: 176,000 words. Eep...
Necessary pace to complete story by Nov. 30th: ca. 9,350 words per day. Eep...

Can I do it? I don't know - this is a much more difficult challenge than the original. Am I going to try? Hell, yes.

I've also got reason to be guardedly optimistic. One of those chapters was a monster: 20,585 words, or nearly 60% of the story to date. Knock that out of the equation, and the average chapter length drops to just over 4,000 words - a much more achievable goal. I expect to average a bit higher than that, maybe in the range of five to six thousand words a chapter - I expect to finish it out around 125,000 words. As such, I think I can make it.

Enough playing around with statistics; I've just gotten home from work, I've got appropriate 'writing munchies' prepared, and I'm putting on a selection of music that'll let me get a decent rhythm going. I plan to pound away at it for at least four hours, and then I'll make another post showing where I'm at. See you in a few, folks, and wish me luck...