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Another update
Okay, so this is a bit later than I thought I'd do this. Never mind; the news is good.

Days elapsed so far: 20 of 30 - the validation page was supposed to open today, but it's down for now. I'll get to that when it comes back up.
NaNoWriMo Goal: 50,000 words.
Current total: ca. 50,459 words - I've done it! Woo-hoo!
Average productivity: 2,522.95 words/day. I've improved...
Time to reach 50K words at this pace: 20 days. Actually, this part of it is rather moot, at this point.

Number of chapters plotted: 22.
Current average words per chapter: ca. 8,400, with considerable variation.
Estimated final length of story: 185,000 words. Help... The monster's growing...
Necessary pace to complete story by Nov. 30th: ca. 13,456 words per day. *Whining voice* Help!

Okay, I'll admit it looks rather daunting. I still have reason to be hopeful, though, and I'm going to give it everything I've got. I have reason to believe that several of the upcoming chapters won't be quite the monsters that have come before... Chapters 3 and 6 together netted me about 70% of the NaNoWriMo goal. With any luck, most of the remaining ones won't be anywhere near that long; I normally aim for three to five thousand words a chapter. I know I have at least two more long chapters in the remaining ones, but the rest should bring the average back down a little.

And before anyone asks (publicly, anyway), yes, I do plan to finish it, even if it takes me beyond the end of the month. In fact, I not only plan to finish this one, I plan to finish the following one as well, covering Harry's seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Whether it goes beyond that... I don't know. I have no plans to, and the plotline looks pretty complete from here. But... well, let's just say, I have experience in dealing with my Muse. She can act up cranky, on occasion, and it doesn't pay me to fight her.

In any case, once it's done and polished, I plan to put the whole thing up on my website, as I've said before. I like to think it's shaping up to be quite a good little story - perhaps even worthy of the legacy J.K. Rowling has established. Once I get it done, I'll post a link, and you can tell me what you think.

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Will you be attempting to get it published, or do they even publish HP fanfics? They could just publish it as a noncanon novel.

Um, I don't think I'd have a chance. J.K. Rowling is pretty good about allowing fanfictions, and allowing them to be posted to the web, but trying to get such published? That's a major no-no - at least, without getting her permission (and that of her publishers - not necessarily the same thing), and coming to some agreement about how to split the profits, and so on and so forth. Lots of opportunity for lawyers to make money; lots of opportunity for me to lose money. Not a good game.

So far as this story and its sequel go, it's strictly non-profit, for the love of the writing and for the love of the characters and their setting. I'm considering posting it to Schnoogle.com, once it's finished and polished - I certainly believe it's good enough to make it there, and I think I've got a better chance with them than over at La Société des Femmes Dangereuses - also known as witchfics.org. (It's not that I don't believe I come up to the standards over there, but I don't fit their author profile.) Mm... if Diagon Alley comes fully back up again, I might give that a shot.

It's too bad that you can't have it published, but I hope you can post it to one of those sites. I've never heard of them before, actually.

You know, it's intimidating when such great authors as yourself stick to the amatuer level when I'm trying to become a professional author and no I'm not nearly as good. It makes me doubt that I'll ever get published. The love of writing is one thing, but I'd really rather make some money at it. I guess that probably sounds a little greedy, but you've got to make a living somehow. I hate regular jobs. I'll do them, probably won't have a choice, but they're boring as hell. I'm too darn lazy to work 9 to 5. LOL The best I do is the occasional music mixing for a local dance company and a bit of computer repair every here and there. The work I do for my mom's company is free. Oy, gotta move out so I can get away from that. Free work. Ick! At least with free writing I've got something to show for it.

*Laugh* Well, before I can actually go and get published, I need to come up with something original - or at least, something that I can change around enough that people can't see what I'm stealing from... er... taking inspiration from.

Not to worry; I've got a few ideas simmering which will lead to original work - when that happens, I'm considering looking into getting it published. But I'm a long way from that point, yet. (Still, incoming royalties would be nice... hm...)

One thing I'm sure of for right now: I'm not planning on quitting my regular job until I've already got some income I can depend on. I've had friends who've gone the "starving artist" route - it didn't look like fun, and I'd rather not see it from a personal perspective.

Still, I think I'd like to do that eventually. Become a published writer, eventually be able to tell the world, "Hey, I'm doing something I want to, and it's paying me. Don't bother coming back until you've got something better to offer me." *Shrug* It's a dream, anyway.

Life is all about dreaming. I wish you luck.

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