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I seem to remember taking this one before, but...
Schizoid:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

*Nods* Fair enough - I'd call it reasonably accurate. The only one I have any quibble with is that "Moderate" rating in "Histrionic"... though, thinking about it a second time, I do have to admit that I started writing again for reasons that fit under that definition.

*Shrug* So I'm crazy. Tell me something I didn't already know - something I didn't already know eighteen bleedin' years ago, by-the-bye. Thank the Great Greasy Golden Gonads of Ghael that I went through high-school psychology and that quack wanna-be Freud's class better than a decade and a half before Columbine. I'd have been shrink-bait for sure, and one narrow shave from expulsion, no matter what I got on my SATs. As it is, I got a reasonable understanding of how those Disciples of Fr(e/a)ud operate and think, and a healthy interest in keeping my psyche a long way out of their limp, clammy clutches and firmly in my own (possibly warped but) confident and capable grasp. I like to think that 16 years of successful handling of my own adult life indicates a pretty good endorsement of my methods - or of my madness, if madness be thy name... Certainly, I feel better about my current record than I would if it more closely resembled that of the Ritalin Kids or all those "Prince Valium"s out there.

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And you should feel good about that: you're one of the least obvious 'screwed up in the head' people I know. ^_^

Our quirks either match or compliment one another ...

*Chuckle* Least obvious, maybe, but as the results show, I seem to have a flair for the subtle - and I revel in it. Personally, I think that by keeping myself well out of the hands of the shrinks, I've done the best thing possible. They do so put me in mind of the blind leading the blind...

Me, I think I'll continue avoiding them for as long as I can get away with it... and I have it as a firm commitment (ooh, the twistiness of the English language!) that, once they do catch up with me, I'm going to fully enforce the Rule of Three upon them. That is, for every attempted "mind job" they do their level best to apply to me, I will revisit upon them threefold and in spades. I am the only one I have ever given - or will ever give - free reign on the inner workings of my mind. I may not be normal, thanks be to whoever, but I'm comfortable with the furnishings inside my own head and I won't take kindly to some meddlesome outsider who thinks he, she, or it knows better how things should be arranged. Trespassers, be thee warned! They will be shot - survivors will be shot again.

Seriously, I think my biggest "problem" is my arrogance - or, as I prefer to think of it, my supremely unshakable self-image. And, since I've spent literally decades refining it and polishing it to its current state of mirror-bright sheen, you can quite probably guess just how much of a "problem" I rate it to be. No, thank you, I'm quite pleased with the way I've turned out, and I see little need for any major changes at this point - certainly, no need for what society is peddling as "the ideal".

Sheesh, there must be something wrong with me, I came out "Low" across the board. Seriously, though, I don't know how the "me" that came out of high school would've done. But that was well before a lot of this nonsense got established and he coped well enough; IMSHO :D

*Laugh* Well, I came through the system just as they were gearing up for their full-scale pharmacological assault on the brain chemistry of the masses, and fortunately, my mother has the same highly skeptical view of their chemical "solutions" as I do - truth to tell, most of my attitudes towards such were handed down to me from her. Granted, there were any number of times I would have prefered to be coddled, told that it "wasn't my fault", and given a magic pill to take away all the bad thoughts in preference to her method of instilling discipline and the sneakiness to avoid getting caught. The lady definitely subscribed to the "spare the rod and spoil the child" view of earlier generations - though her favorite rod was a knitting needle. Which, to my mind (and legs - ouch!) was emphatically more effective than a paddle or some such. But it did teach me to never get caught twice for the same offense... another thing for which I feel gratitude to her.

Personally, I've always been dubious of the "medicate away the negatives" approach - I saw far too many classmates who latched on to every excuse which was coming down the establishment pipeline, and I watched what the results were. If you kept your eyes open the same way I did, I suspect you came to similar conclusions about how effective it was. But just to make it perfectly clear, I feel very strongly that our current extremely addictive society is a direct result - far too many of my peers (though not many of my friends) entered nominal adulthood saddled with so many chemical dependencies that they could barely function. And that was when they were on their meds! If they tried to kick the habit - as all too few of them even attempted, and even fewer succeeded - matters went swiftly from bad to worse. That, too, contributed to my outlook. Even today, I am supremely wary of any sort of psychoactive or physiological substance - when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, for instance, I took a grand total of three of the the pain pills, and threw the rest away. The medical community is welcome to regard me as a recalcitrant head case, but medicating me into submission is not a path I'm prepared to allow them to follow.

Well, with my wisdom teeth, that's all I need. They did them in three sittings and I only required one pill the night after each of them. My, I'll use what I need (right now my nose would be bothering the devil out of me if I wasn't using anti-histamines and decongestants), but I tend not to use more than's necessary. OTOH, I do recognize that having chemical assists can be invaluable in dealing with chemical imbalances like milady wife has (long story). Mind you, my folks were of a similar attitude as your mother, only physical chastisement was reserved for the real screw-ups to drive home just how badly you did.

Regarding over-medication and its consequences, I think you're quite correct. I'm glad I missed it.

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